Thursday, September 20, 2012


Here are yesterday's thrift finds! I bought some at Goodwill, and some at my work (which is a consignment shop). This isn't everything i bought...just the important things haha. 
and my pictures are not that good of quality, i'm aware.

Ralph Lauren blazer; it's a tad small on me..but whatever man, it's perfect! 

Alfani top; it's a size 12 but will work perfectly as a dress!

Forever 21 sweater/top; I think this will look great over a couple dresses that i has great texture.

Knitted mushroom sweater of those things i just couldn't pass up.

But anywho that's it for now! I also picked up a purse that I've had my eye on for a like a quilted patent leather (fake, of course bleh) with a chain strap. It will do until I have money for a real one like it haha. 

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