Here is my first DIY ever!
The denim vest I wore in my look "Face in the ceiling" was way to big and wide when I bought it at a thrift store so I had to figure out a way to make it smaller, and here's what I did!
I will warn you, worn in certain ways this vest will look quite punk if your not really diggin on that this might not be for you. But I think its kindof awesome and punk fashion intrigues me.

Materials Needed:
1. a denim vest thats too big for you.
2. scissors
3. safety pins
4. that's all. (an optimistic attitude is optional)

Step 1:
Cut a straight line up from the center of the back of your vest (spaced evenly between the two seams, if there are seams) all they way up to the horizontal seam of the vest.
Like so:

Step 2:
Cross one half of the back of the vest across the other, and line up the bottom and top hem. Safety pin the bottom hems together with your largest pin. The two side seams should make somewhat of a V shape.

Step 3:
Space your safety pins evenly up the diagnol cut line to the top horizontal hem, and congragulations, you've done it.

Theres not much to it, but I thought I'd post it anyways. Hope it's helpful!


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